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Reddit Bot

Our Bot echoes subreddit posts in Discord.js RichEmbeds which are very presentable, easy-to-read and self explanatory. We've focused on the creation of this bot for months and its outcome couldn't be better than what we expected.

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What is Reddit Bot about?

Reddit Bot helps to keep you updated with posts published on your favorite subreddit pages. Reddit is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. It is a very well known and trending platform. Users get karma points by their comments and links being up-voted by others in the community.

What are the commands of Reddit Bot?

help - to view the help menu and the list of all commands in your server.
setreddit - to change the default subreddit (None) to your custom one.
setchannel - to change the channel which subreddit posts will be echoed in.
stopreddit - to stop all reddit posts from echoeing into your server.
startreddit - to toggle or activate all reddit posts, for them to be echoed.
feedback - to share your experience with the bot to our team.
issue - to report a issue which you encountered, i.e. bugs and database connection problems.
stats - to view the overall statistics of the bot, and your guild's information.

How do I setup Reddit Bot after inviting it?

After inviting the bot, you must take into consideration that a database column and tables are created with your server details so you can easily make changes to the bot. On the other hand, when the bot is removed from your server, that column is permanently removed.

1. Use the subreddit command to set your custom subreddit. This must not be the URL of the subreddit. Only provide the subreddit's name, i.e. pics. You MUST use this command in the channel where you wish to let subreddit posts be echoed.
2. By default, the bot is set to send posts to your Discord server immediately after you set your reddit, so you can stop it by using the stopreddit command.

Tip: If you wish to change the channel where subreddit posts must be sent to, use the setchannel command in the new channel. If you encounter issues, be sure to use the issue command. For more information, JOIN our support Discord Server! Enjoy!